Public Works

The main functions of the Public Works Department is to provide required maintenance to all municipal roads, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, water mains, parking lots, ditches, bridges, etc. They are also responsible for the collection of garbage, as well as maintenance of landfill site.

The Public Works department has the responsability to insure:

· Waste Management:
- Garbage collection.
- Special collection (Christmas trees, Spring Clean-up*).
- Maintenance of the Landfill Site.

· Roads:
- Snow removal and spreading of abrasives (sanding).
- Maintenance of pavement and sidewalks.
- Maintenance of street lighting.

· Water Distribution System, Sanitary Sewer, and Roadside Ditches :
- Maintenance and repair of water distribution network.
- Respond to emergency situation such as sewer backups, water main breaks, etc

· Municipal Buildings Maintenance

You can reach the municipal garage at 705-338-2333.
In case of emergency dial 705-338-7153.


*Furniture, major appliances, tires and some residential construction, renovation and demolition wastes.