Town of Smooth Rock Falls Official Plan Update Process

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is in the process of updating its Official Plan (OP).

An OP is a document that establishes how land can be used within a municipality or planning area. An OP is adopted by Town Council and approved by the Province. It deals mainly with land use planning matters such as:

• where new housing, businesses, and industry may be located
• how development will be shaped (densities, infill, affordability, etc.)
• when, and in what order, parts of the community may grow
• how matters of provincial interest will be protected (wetlands, floodplains, heritage, etc.)
• community improvement initiatives and other implementation tools

Current Official Plan (1976) Text
Current OP Schedule A – Rural Map
Current OP Schedule B – Townsite Map
List of Official Plan Amendments

The Town has retained J.L. Richards & Associates Limited (JLR) to coordinate the OP review process and prepare the updated OP and schedules. The OP update will tie in with and provide land use policies for the strategic initiatives identified in the Town’s other ongoing strategic planning processes (Operational Plan, Waste Management Plan, Economic Development Plan, etc). The Plan will also be updated to be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (2014) which provides provincial policy direction for land use planning.

2014 Draft of Official Plan Text
2014 Draft OP Schedule A - Rural Map
2014 Draft OP Schedule B - Townsite Map

Special Meeting of Council - Official Plan

The Town held a Special Meeting of Council on Monday, May 12 to kick-off the public part of the OP review process. Notice of this meeting was given in the Weekender and is available here.

The presentation that was given at the Council Meeting is available here.

Council, Staff, and several residents attended the meeting. Here is what we heard.

As part of the OP update, JLR has prepared Base Maps and a Background Study reviewing existing conditions and policy inputs to the Plan.

OP Background Study
Townsite Base Map
Rural Area Base Map
MPAC Land Use Base Maps

Your input on the Official Plan is encouraged!

If you have comments on the Official Plan or Land Use Planning matters or policies or questions on a specific property, please send them to:

• Veronique Dion, Deputy Clerk, Corporation of the Town of Smooth Rock Falls,
• Sarah Vereault, Planner, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited,

Official Plan Next Steps

JLR will prepare a draft OP document and schedules for review during a Public Open House (on July 14th 2014 - 4pm - 6:30pm followed by presentations and discussions). Notices will be provided.
Following the Open House, the Town will review comments from the public, other stakeholders and provincial ministries. The Town may revise the OP prior to a Public Meeting for Council Adoption, July 22, 2014 at 6:00pm. Notices and updated drafts will be posted on the Town’s website (French and English). The final plan will be provided to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval.

Town of Smooth Rock Falls Zoning By-law 2000-09

After approval of the Official Plan, the Town has 3 years to update the Zoning By-law to be in conformity with the updated Official Plan. This will follow the legislative public process, with an Open House and Public Meeting. Notices and updated information will be provided.

The Town’s Zoning By-law is located here:

Zoning By-law 1978-13 Text
Zoning By-law 1978-13 Schedule A – Zone Map 1 (Townsite)
Zoning By-law 1978-13 Schedule A – Zone Map 2 (Rural Area)

Note: the Zoning By-law provided above is for convenience only and has been amended since its passing. For up-to-date Zoning information, please contact the Town Hall.

Planning Application Forms

Zoning By-law Amendment Application Form
Consent Application Form