Boards and Committees of Council

Council operates on a Committee System structured as a whole. The committees review issues in a less formal meeting structure. After discussions, the committees then make recommendations to the Municipal Council in its formal embodiment, where the final vote is decided.

The Council Committees are:

Administration and Finance

Chairperson – Councillor Joanne Landry

Public Works

Chairperson - Councillor Gratien Bernier


Chairperson - Councillor Daniel Alie


Chairperson - Councillor Daniel Alie


Chairperson - Councillor Sue Perras & Councillor Joanne Landry

Library Board

Councillor Sue Perras & Councillor Joanne Landry

Police Services Board

Councillor Sue Perras

Economic Development Committee

Mayor Michel Arseneault, Councillor Daniel Alie & Councillor Gratien Bernier